Exclude Tickets created by "Our Agents" for a specific metric



  • Thomas de Silva
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    Hi Reza.


    You can do it by creating a standard calculated metric, please read more here.

    #helpsome regards,
    Thomas de Silva
    Zendesk Consultant @ helphouse.io

  • Reza H
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    Hi Thomas, 


    That metric in the page you linked, did not work. 

    Can we somehow use the following metric below but also add to exclude "End-user"?


    SELECT [Biz Hrs] First Reply Time (hrs) [Avg] / (SELECT [Biz Hrs] First Reply Time (hrs) [Avg] BY User Role, ALL OTHER WITHOUT PF)

  • Louise Dissing
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    Hi Reza,

    The query you sent looks like you're using Insights and not Explore - therefore, the query from Thomas' is not working.

    I'd highly recommend that you start using explore as you'd almost get all of this information from the standard dashboard. 

    From the Explore dashboard, you'd be able to filter results by the submitter role; meaning you'd be able to see the first reply time when the submitter is end-user only.

    I hope this helps you!

  • Reza H
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    We currently do not have Explore Dashboard - Is it still possible to modify the metric formula above to have this working on Insights for now?




  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Reza! Insights doesn't have a filter for the submitter role, so you need to take a couple extra steps. You can start with this recipe to find ticket creation events.

    That recipe works well with the Updater Role attribute, which allows you to find tickets created by agents or end-users. For example, a metric for end-user tickets would look like this:

    • SELECT Ticket Creation Events WHERE Updater RoleEnd-user 

    Once you have a metric to find end-user tickets, you can add it as a filter on your report. Use a Numeric Range Filter, set the attribute to Ticket Id, set the metric to the creation event metric, and set the range to "greater than or equal to 1." That means your report will only include tickets where the creation event came from an end-user.

    It's a few extra steps, but it should help for your first reply time report. 

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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