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  • Jessica Blake
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    Hi Adnan,

    Thanks for reaching out in our community!

    The simplest way to achieve this would be to use filters within a query to show the tickets created that day. Please check out the screenshot below as an example:

    Don't forget that on Explore Professional the data refreshes hourly, so the query won't be showing you live data. It should just be used for estimating your volume throughout the day.

    If you need to create a calculated metric for use in a report, you would be better off creating the metric to calculate tickets created in the brand, and then use a date range calculated metric to find today's data.

    The first metric would be like this:

    IF ([Ticket brand]="Tester Brand") THEN [Ticket ID] ENDIF

    Then you would create a date range calculated metric for today's tickets:

    Let us know how you go with this!


  • Adnan
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    Hi Jessica, thanks for your clear explanation, Im now able to create customized reporting by using your suggestion as a basic.

  • Raman Kalia
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    I'm finding it hard to write a formula that provides me 

    Number of tickets solved Yesterday out of tickets created before yesterday

    Anyone with a way to create a formula for this. I'm looking to pitch tickets in single report for

    tickets created yesterday

    tickets solved out created yesterday

    tickets solved yesterday but created before yesterday

    resolution time from the ticket that took longest to solve, from the tickets that were solved yesterday

    I've not been able to find a formula that sets the [ticket created - date] = previous (terminology of Insights)

  • Devan
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    Hello Raman Kalia

    Regarding the first two reports you want to create, you are going to want to use date range calculated metrics, which you can find the tools to build in the article lited below.

    Explore functions reference

    For your third report, you will need to create a standard calc metric with an if/then statement, can use date functions in which you can find the instructions on how to accomplish this in the article below. 

    Creating standard calculated metrics and attributes

    Best regards. 


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