Reported Delay in New User Creation


  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hi Caitlin,

    Since this is a 3rd party integration, we're rather limited on what we can assist with on our end. Your best option would be to continue working with the apps developers to see if there's an alternative solution you can come up with. I'd be curious to know if other users that have used this integration run into a similar issue as well.

    I'll leave this post open and get this added to our August Community Roundup to help provide visibility on this post.


  • David Holeman
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    We cutover to PureCloud in June of 2019 and have the very same issue.  Caitlin G you are not alone.  I am working with our new Genesys Success Manager and this is very much at the top of our list to get resolved.  We have first time callers coming in who are not preloaded into Zendesk so we have a widget that does a lookup successfully but we can't populate the requestor with the customer email address because it's getting filled with the agent name as the requestor. Once that happens it's a all but impossible to overwrite the requestor with the customer email address.  I appreciate Zendesk leaving this open.  Caitlin G, if you are game it might be worth it for us to connect more directly on this or we can lay it out here.  I am game for either.  

    I will say that the shunt off as a 3rd party integration doesn't hold too much water with me for the following reasons.  Zendesk, while they have talk and it's a good solution, it's not meant to be at the scale and feature level that we are using so there are cases where Zendesk could be a bit more engaged here.  A good case in point is this case.  If the integration is lacking for performance, timing or access issues in Zendesk then it's something that Zendesk should engage in.  Either invest in supporting an integration or maybe offer a more robust API in this case that allows this integration the capability and timing needed to work properly.

    We are at a point where we can't just accept that it's not working.  I will be working on my end to bring parties together on this Caitlin G if we band together we might be able to help them solution this.


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