What is Call Recording Opt-out?



  • Thomas de Silva
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    Hi Rohan.


    I have a question.


    Why didn't make a feature that is GDPR compliant?

    According to GDPR the customer is required to have the option to opt-in for recordings (GDPR Article 7)

    GDPR Rules for recording telephone calls require consent to be provided by an affirmative action. Silence or inactivity is no longer sufficient.

    An unambiguous action is now required, such as pressing a specific key on the telephone or providing verbal consent. A recording of consent should be retained by the company.

    This clearly states that the customer needs to opt-in and not out.

    #helpsome regards,
    Thomas de Silva
    Zendesk Consultant @ helphouse.io

  • Rohan Gupta
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    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    The Call Recording Opt-out EAP is the first step to move in the direction to provide more granular level controls over the call recordings. We expect to cover more cases in the subsequent iterations as we get feedback from our customers on the EAP.

    Regarding the point you made about GDPR, it is the responsibility of our customers that their processes are compliant to the local regulations.

    Thanks again!

    Kind Regards



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