What IVR cannot do for you!


  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
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    Hello Robbie,

    I think it's a good thing those 'key mappings' no longer exist with an IVR, as you probably want to route those options to something else.


    When you enable IVR you can no longer use the callback feature by pressing 2, you can no longer use the press 1 to leave a message feature.


    I think you're correct on the callback feature, would be great if the caller could press a key in the IVR menu to request a callback! For voicemail this is already possible:


    Your greeting will repeat 3 times in a row.


    When your message is something like 'Press 1 for Support, press 2 for Sales, press 3 to leave a voicemail', people might want to hear it again in case they didn't hear all options properly.

    You cannot set up a holiday voicemail greeting (unless you manually change your greeting or IVR menu).

    Holidays are considered 'outside business hours' so with a regular number you would also have to set a special recording manually. Or did you mean something else?


    You do not have the wait music, or the hold music.


    I'm not sure if I understand that one. In the IVR you're not in the waiting queue, nor on hold. By the time you've been routed to a group, you'll hear the wait music. Same for when you are connected to an agent that puts you on hold.


    Your caller will not receive an estimated wait time. 


    In the IVR you're not on wait, you're not routed to a group or external number yet. So there are several scenarios where it doesn't make sense to give an estimated wait time, as you might be directed to a group with high availability or an external number with wildly different wait times than your Zendesk instance.

    Not here to invalidate any of your points, let me know if you need help on any of these subjects! When you learn to live with the possibilities and limitations of the IVRs, it's actually something pretty good imo.

    With kind regards,

    Sparkly ⭐

  • Ibrahim



    With respect to holidays: A customer calling from another country won't know about local holidays. So, it will seem very strange that he/she is calling during business time but receiving a message telling them the call is outside business hours. VERY strange. 

  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
    Community Moderator

    Yeah it would be great if you could set a specific recording when a certain holiday is taking place. So that the message will be activated automatically, without manual interaction. Especially as many people are having some time off around holidays, so your admin(s) might be away ;)

    With kind regards,

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