Conditional Ticket Fields: apply end user rules to end user ticket interface


  • Louise Dissing

    Hi Pedro,

    Have you created those rules for the end-user in CTF?
    When you go to a form and it's rules you can choose end-user instead:

    Let me know if it helps you! :-)

    #helpsome regards,
    Louise Dissing
    Team Lead @

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Louise! I confirm the same rules were already been created for end users, who are only shown one of the "How can we help you?" ticket fields, after selecting one of two possible values in "Tipo de Servicio":

    However, when accessing the end user requests page, as an end user I see all fields, including those that weren't shown while submitting the request.

  • Eric Pedersen

    Pedro - any updates from the ZD team on this one?


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