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  • Hannah Meier
    Zendesk team member

    Hello Jeremy,

    The backlog dataset shows you a snapshot of unsolved tickets at any given date. The data in this dataset counts how many unsolved tickets there are per given day. You need to be careful when using the backlog dataset which aggregators you use because the data for this dataset is stored per day, not per ticket, like other datasets.

    The query above is taking the number of tickets that were unsolved each day for the last two weeks and adding them all together. Since you have around 40 unsolved tickets each day, it makes sense that you have around 600 tickets in this report, because that's close to 14 times 40.

    If you want to report on tickets that are currently unsolved, you'll want to use the Tickets dataset, and filter by ticket status. 

  • Jeremy Crucetti

    That's exactly the piece of the puzzle I was missing Hannah thanks so much for your help and expertise!

  • Jeremy Crucetti

    Hi Hannah,

    One more question - in Insights there was an "Emailing Dashboard" function where I could select individual reports I'd saved to be generated on a daily basis to be automatically emailed out to our team of Agents.  I do not see that function in Explore.

    I've seen the function to email an entire dashboard, however I do not want to publish all of the information in my dashboard to the entire team - is this something you can point me in the right direction on?




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