SLA in views - Change the translations to use just SLA - Takes way too much of the limited space


  • OFFICERS (EMEA Reseller)

    I second that. It's quite minor, but still very annoying.

    Morevover in French, it's translated as "Violation SLA suivante", which is both quite long, and has a not-so-good feeling ("violation" is a word with the same basis as "viol", which means "rape"...).

    A better and shorter translation (SLA, or "Goal" would be fine) is highly expected.

  • Ignacio De la Llave Lorenzo

    This is actually big issue for Spanish translations as it takes around 25% of a regular screen.



    We would be happy if you would just remove the title of that column or change it with "SLA"

  • Berta_PruebaDemo

    That will be a much needed improvement from our clients perspective as well. 


  • Sergio Anarte

    +1 to Ignacio's post! 


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