New CC Experience and Internal Notes from End Users


  • Carsten Falborg
    Community Moderator

    I have to agree with Travis here. Having end user accidentally remove other cc will lead to problems.

  • Damien Martinquet


    We have the same problem and it's quite annoying because we lose communication to our customers. When a customer wants to pick someone up, he tells us.



  • Travis Campbell

    I guess it's just not going to be solved?

  • Bryan Meche

    We also find this behavior unacceptable in our business. We're fine on the legacy part for now but if we're ever forced to use CCs and followers we will need to allow our end users to hit "reply" only and have it logged as a public comment. If we're ever painted into a corner on this we will need to dump Zendesk and find another solution. 


    I appreciate privacy and transparency but in our case Zendesk is used for internal IT support and since that's the case our end users are our employees thus privacy means something different. 


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