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    Eric G. Gao
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    Hi Simone,

    Thanks for taking part in our AMA! Yes it is possible to create queries for these.

    For "Avg replies month", you would use the Support: Ticket updates with a similar setup below:

    For "Avg mo. backlog", you would use the Support: Backlog history with a similar setup below:

    Note that for backlog data, we could only get the daily average, so the above setup would return the daily backlog average by each month (or each week).

    For "Avg mo. created tickets", you would use the Support: Tickets with a similar setup below:

    Hope this helps Simone and let us know if you have any additional questions (:



  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Explore Recipes AMA has ended and comments have now been closed. If you have any Explore recipe related questions, you can create a new post in our Explore - Troubleshooting and Q&A topic!


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