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  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I believe the proof will need adjusting for:

    • Deleted tickets and
    • Re-opened tickets that are created in previous months and remain unsolved at the month end

    The relevant re-opened tickets are going to be tricky to isolate. But to make the proof work, these tickets need to be counted. If that explanation ties in with your expectations of re-opens in your help desk so it can reasonably explain the difference, I would leave it at that. Fortunately, your differences are small so that suggests you do not get many tickets being re-opened that hang around for a long time. 

    Hope that helps.

  • Edward Kennedy


    Thanks for your reply, it does help because I had no clue before reading your comment:)  

    I thought deleted tickets are not counted in Insights though? Could it be, ticket was created on the last day of month, counted in created and backlog tickets for that month, the next day its deleted but it doesn't update the previous months numbers? 

    Does a re-opened ticket's solve count not get retracted from ticket solved total?

    To use an example so I understand correctly., a ticket that was created in say June, gets re-opened in July, remains unsolved for the rest of July and goes into that months End of month backlog.

    That ticket was counted in Junes Ticket Created and Solved so wasn't in that end of month backlog, instead in July's where it was neither created or solved. Hence the difference. 

    Have I understood that correctly? 



  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Yes it is all to do with timing. 

    The standard metrics such as #Tickets Created exclude deleted tickets. But if they will remain in the backlog dataset if previously counted there. So, yes I believe in your example if it was counted at the month end backlog figure but was deleted next day it does not get retracted form the Backlog ticket count.

    The backlog is a snapshot at each day. So future changes cannot go back in time and change what was counted in a past day.

    For the regular metrics, you need eagle eyes.

    # Solved Tickets- counts the solved tickets as at now.If you reopen a ticket, that is reflected here.

    # Tickets Solved -(this is the one you want) Looks through ticket events and counts the tickets that have been solved each day. So a ticket solved today gets counted here. Could be opened again and solved in a later period and counted again.

    Yes, I believe we are on the same page with your June/ July example. Created and solved in June. Not in end of June backlog. Reopened in July and stays open. Will be in July backlog. But is neither created or solved in July.

    In July it is included in # Tickets Reopened. But so may other tickets that are created in July. So you cannot just use the # Ticket Reopened as you will count other tickets that you have included as # Tickets Created.

    Tell your CFO it will be fine ;)


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