Matrix Table in Zendesk Web Form?


  • Thomas Verschoren
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    Do you mean a table like this?

      ONe Two Three
    One 1 2 3
    Two 4 5 6
    Three 7 8 9
  • Tracy Scobba
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    @thomas_verschoren, yes! I have a team that would like to provide drop-down selections in each of the table cells (the center ones).

  • Simon Blouner
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    Hey Tracy,

    To do this you would have to do some custom coding.

    The recipe would sound something like this:

    1. Create the dropdown fields needed in ZD Support, and note their IDs'

    2. Add an HTML table to your form with javascript

    3. Locate your custom fields in the DOM, and write some javascript to move them into your table.

    It will require some work to write the code, but an efficient developer should be able to do it in a few hours :-)

    #helpsome regards,
    Simon Blouner
    Zendesk Consultant @


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