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  • Tobias Hermanns
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    Hi Andrew,

    there are many nice points you raise here, let me highlight some we also want in our organization.

    Ability to see when a customer is "active" so the agent can optionally start a proactive chat/continue a previous chat session (e.g. if there is an update to an issue, or if they accidently closed a chat.  Even previously there was a "continue chat" button when a visitor left.)

    Some customer we´re facing playing "Ping Pong" E-Mail with them, usually we call them, but in case we´re quite busy and in multi-task, a Chat Session during day would be easier.

    Some customers we´ve also in Skype to see their status, so if Zendesk can detect Helpcenter Status and we can initiate pro-active Chat, it can be more real time feeling and benefit us.



    Allow agents to be online in chat and Talk, but automatically put them "away" when they receive one or the other (this would allow a lot more flexibility for small teams who are managing multiple channels, especially since it's all in the same interface now)


    We´re also for "Multitasking" a Team of 15 people. This people need to handle Ticket, Chat and Talk (via Talk Partner Edition API).

    It´s pure stress for an Agent, to get Ticket via Round Robin assigned, a call comes in, Agent pick the call and at same time a chat is assigned within his queue.

    You can´t maybe remote manage a Teamviewer Session and you may even didn´t see that chat and can risk bad rating and other follow up things need.

    We also want Zendesk to detect "Agent Activity" and for example, if a new Ticket assign to Agent, then some time silence for Phone / Chat, if Agent on Phone then only assign Ticket with long SLA (First Reply) kind of that.







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