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  • Carsten Falborg -
    Community Moderator

    Hi Claire

    Unfortunately the only place you can setup content moderation is in Zendesk Guide. As far as i know there isn't anywhere you can add this functionality to either tickets or chat directly.

    In tickets you can set up a trigger that responds to content. You would have to manually update the word list, but you can have the trigger autorespond to the requester saying something like "we have marked your ticket as solved due to profanity" and take whatever action you'd like on the ticket. 

    With chat i guess you can set up something similar, though i haven't tried this myself.

  • Andrew J. Mills
    Community Moderator

    Hello Claire,

    You can use business rules to handle this in email.

    Create a trigger like 'Comment contains any of the following words' and your problem word list.

    Then actions to suit... assign to a moderator, or tag the ticket, send a message to the user etc.

    I'm not sure if the similar may be available using chat rules... possibly.

    Hope this helps.


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