Compare Agent ticket counts to team ticket counts


  • Kay
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    Hi Hillary, can you draft a graph in Excel/Google Sheets with fake numbers of what you would like to accomplish, and share a screenshot here? I see a few possibilities on this, but the configuration differs widely from each other.

  • Hillary Latham
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    Hey Kay, finally getting back to you.  This is what I was thinking.  In Excel, I have to add another column to get this data - I'm not sure how to do something similar in Explore.

    In the example below, I have six agents.  On average agents have 41.5 tickets, so I can see that Beatrice is well above the team average and Courtney is well below.

  • Louise Dissing
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    Hi Hillary,

    Within Explore I made a custom metric to display the average amount of tickets:

    Then I created this report (don't mind the names "Assignee stations" & "Group stations"):

    When I added the COUNT(Tickets) I made sure it was set to "dual". (You can find this at the bottom when you select your query):


    I hope this helps you, otherwise, let me know! :-)

    #helpsome regards,
    Louise Dissing
    Team Lead @


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