customer satisfaction rating in zendesk chat (zopim) not carried to the ticket in zendesk


  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Edwin,

    I'm going to generate a ticket on your behalf so our Customer Advocacy team can dig into this. It's hard to determine why this is occurring without looking at a couple of ticket examples.

    You'll receive a follow-up email shortly stating your ticket is created.


  • Oswaldo Romero Carranza
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    Hi! Is there any update on this? we've been having issues to pull CSAT Chat on Tymeshift, and it seems that this might be the problem to sync up the data.

    It is vital for us to have this on the monthly report for General Management. 

    Can we know what happened to this thread?


  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Oswaldo -

    In this case, it was determined that they had a trigger which was auto closing the tickets - and closing them before the CSAT updated from Chat - so the rating wasn't getting tied to the ticket.

    Your first troubleshooting step would be to check your triggers and see if you've got something set up that's interrupting Chat's ability to update the ticket in Support when the user submits their satisfaction rating.


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