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  • Simon Celen
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    Dag Thomas,

    In theory it should be possible to use a git post commit hook to run a script that uses the Theming API to publish the theme. Note that I haven't implemented something like this myself and you may have a deployment strategy that's different from mine.



  • Gorka Luis Cardona-Lauridsen
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    Hi Thomas, as Simon is saying you should be able to setup an auto deploy workflow with the theming API that is currently in EAP. I know other EAP participants have done this. You can read more about the EAP and signup here.

    Currently you can't update a theme with the theming API, but you can post a theme and set it live and delete the older version with an integration script.

    Thank you also for the feedback on how we can improve the GitHub integration!

    Please let me know if the theming API is solving this issue for you or what we can improve so it does.


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