Ability to see the number a text was received at


  • Tyler Comfort

    This - I was kind of shocked this feature is not available.  

  • Jordan Cousins

    Echoing Greg's comment.


    This is the same problem that we face as we support multiple countries, with different phone numbers. It makes sense to use region specific phone numbers so as to not confuse customers by sending an out of region phone number to them. 

    This is a pretty significant issue for what should be an out of the box essential.

  • Justin Hall

    Agree Greg - this is critical, thank you for this request!

    It's similar to the "Tag texts based on number texted" request from early 2020.

    There was an official ZenDesk post early in 2019 "Can I route Talk tickets based on the received at number using triggers and automations?"

    Now we're asking, "Can we please route Text tickets based on the received at number using triggers and automations?"

    /praying hands emoji

  • Justin Hall

    Okay after searching yesterday, based on this guide to routing Talk calls, our bud.com team seems to have found a solution:

    create a text Trigger that will allow parsing of incoming texts based on the number they're addressed to:

    Meet ALL of the following conditions:

    Ticket = Created

    Channel = Text

    Comment Text = Contains the following string: [a piece of your phone number]


    Here's an example screenshot from our setup:

  • Jordan Cousins

    Hi Justin Hall,

    I'm wondering if you have a screenshot of where this string of the phone number is being displayed to you on your incoming messages?

    I understand how this works for TALK, but when text messages are being received, I don't have any text that refers to the phone number it was sent to, so this trigger has no comment text to look for.

  • Justin Hall

    Hi Jordan - I don't have a screenshot where the string of the phone number is being displayed.

    This was a leap of faith - I set up the triggers as I showed above, and since then, all my incoming SMS tickets have been assigned to the right group. I don't see the numbers they were sent to anywhere when I view the ticket, but the tickets are going to the right place, and for that, I am grateful!

    The comment text appears to be present, but hidden, and it appears to contain at least your incoming SMS text number.


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