Direct users via SSO to the right Help Center (locale)



  • Simon Celen

    Dag Ron,

    You should be able to do that with JSON Web Token SSO. Your SSO server can set a "return_to" parameter on the Zendesk endpoint with the JWT payload, which Zendesk will follow. 

    On successful authentication you could use the culture variable on your backend to direct the user to the relevant language. 

    Dutch culture => /hc/nl

    German => /hc/de

    All other => /hc/en-gb


    So for a user with Dutch culture:


    Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.



    Simon Celen

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Simon,

    Thanks for this awesome response!


  • Ron de Vries

    Hi Simon, 


    Thanks a lot! That option is very applicable. However, normally the locale should be based upon the browsers language. Now it seems that the Help Center uses the '' best guess'' (compatible_browser_locale) method rather than the default locale. 

    It's under review of the Product Management team of ZenDesk now. 

    Your solution to use the return_to parameter in the JWT request was also recommended by ZenDesk to use in the meantime. 

    Nevertheless thank you for the time to comment on my post! 

    Best regards,


  • Simon Celen

    Hi Ron,

    I'm not aware of the specific setup you have but during the SSO authentication process the user's browser is redirected to your SSO server. As such, you have full access to the request headers and anything else you might need. With that information you can develop your own algorithm to determine the best language for a particular user. Setting that language in the return_to parameter circumvents any guesswork on Zendesk's side when the user is directed back to your Help Center.

    Specifically for your use case, the user's browser language can be found in the "Accept-Language" header.


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