Ability to remove email field or log a user in


  • Amie B
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    Hey Charlie,

    I think you can already do this. You can emebed the web widget inside your own app using Zendesk embeddables. It now has an option to allow you to authenticate a user via JWT which would then automatically populate the customer details on the request and should no longer see the message  "...was not signed in when this ticket was submitted".

    You can check out the Zendesk embeddable stuff here on the developer portal. 


    I believe you can also use this "identify" call from the web widget API as well which can id the user.

    "Identifies an end user to Zendesk.

    If you have access to your end user's name and email, use this command to pass the details to your Zendesk Support account.

    If the user's email doesn't already exist in your Zendesk Support account, a new user record with the details is created."

    check it out here: https://developer.zendesk.com/embeddables/docs/widget/core#identify

    hope this helps. :)


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