Prevent Agents From Reassigning Tickets to Other Agents



  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
    Community Moderator

    Hello Jorge,

    You can't with the native functionality. You will need an app for that, but as far as I know there's no such app available in the marketplace.

    If you have development resources I can point you in the right direction, it's fairly easy to create a private app for this.

    With kind regards,

    Sparkly ⭐

  • Thomas Verschoren
    Community Moderator

    There might be a way to do this with triggers:

    Lets say agents only work on tickets assigned to them and you want to prevent them moving it to other groups or agents:

    Create a trigger that says the following:


    • Ticket is updated
    • Assignee changed from current user


    • Assignee is current user

    This will result in tickets being rerouted back to the agent IF they change the requester field and change their name into another name.

    If however they assign a ticket to themselves, or pick up an unassigned ticket, the trigger will not run. 

    If you never want assignees to change, just say: Assignee is changed in the conditions.

  • Jorge Bermudez

    It worked, Thomas! Thank you.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Jorge Bermudez

    We thought others might have a similar question, so we drafted this up into an official article as well, and gave you credit for the question.

    Thomas Verschoren we credited you for the answer. 

    Here's the article that resulted from your community conversation: How can I prevent agents from reassigning tickets to other agents? 

    Thank you both for participating in the Zendesk Community!

  • Yolande Geyser

    It works great, thanks.

    However, how do I exclude the admins?

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Yolande Geyser,

    I replied to your question in the Community.

    Best regards. 


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