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  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    We use Gather for users of our software to connect and post questions to each other. We initially started with just one forum (category) but after receiving user feedback, we created forums that were more specific to how our customers use our product so they can follow only those forums that apply best to them. Over the last three years, we've had our community views, community posts and community comments almost double. This is what our Community page currently looks like:

    We also use user segments to have "invite only" forums. These are usually for our customers who are Beta testing different products or for a focus group to get targeted feedback.

    Although we've seen great success over the last three years, we are now looking at how we can further grow these numbers - interested to hear what others are doing!

  • Mike Davis

    We recently migrated our community, which is somewhat matured (5 years), into Zendesk Gather. We use our Community to both connect our app users to each other, and connect them to us.

    Initially our Community started out as another mechanism of customer support but as we matured, we began to branch out and expand its usage. Nowadays we still have a support side to our Community, but we also use it promote events, gather customer feedback and post our release information to our clients.

    I'll say too that our site was and still is private to only our app users, though we are actively pursuing plans to open it up publicly. Zendesk's "User Segments" makes that part much easier to achieve. As we plan to branch out into the public space, this also opens up more avenues for us to integrate Community even more into other departments as we look to foster the customer voice and improve brand advocacy.

    Looking forward to seeing how others are using Gather as well. Thanks for sharing!


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