Display copied email addresses in ticket for others in the same ticket



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    Hi Jon,

    It sounds like you've not got followers & CC's enabled in your Zendesk account.

    Enabling this Zendesk functionality should help you!

  • Dan Cooper
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    The Followers and CC's functionality will give you a more email like experience in relation to CCs, but if you just need to list who is on the email, then you can also look into placeholders as well.  Sometimes this is needed when you have multiple groupings of agents and end users on a ticket and Zendesk is hiding the email addresses of agents from customers. 

    You can check out some of the available placeholders like ticket.cc_names that in the Zendesk support placeholders reference to see how you can add them into your ticket comments as well. Note that you may not want agent addresses shared with customers, but the placeholder section for ticket.cc_names gives you an example on how you could provide name and email as needed. 


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