Allow Redirect of URLs


  • Stephen

    Yes, please! I've also been waiting 3 years for improvements to the redirect functionality. Editing the script.js is way too cumbersome and prone to error for anything more than ~12 articles.

  • Eivind

    My team and I have also been waiting on this functionality for a long time. Last time I spoke to the Product Manager of Guide in March of this year he said that it was on their roadmap, but not scheduled. 

    The only work-around at the moment is to add javascript code for redirects in script.js or any of the items that are injected into every page on Guide. There are several problems with javascript redirects:

    1. They do not scale. For every new article/section/category/page that has to be redirected you have to add a new item to script.js or whatever other script file you are using. Over time, this becomes a long list of articles and is rather frustrating to maintain.
    2. SEO equity does not carry on deleted/archived/moved articles because Google (and other search engines) get a HTTP 404 not found message when crawling the pages. 
    3. Visitors without javascript are not redirected. 

    Native HTTP 30X redirects is basic functionality that should have been available in Zendesk Guide from day one, in my opinion. 


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