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  • Daniel Cooper
    Community Moderator

    This is an awesome question and I think a solution would really help a lot of customers as it's a pretty common scenario.  

    Given the technology that you have today.  What is the ultimate goal that the SLA is helping you achieve?  Is it more important that you see pre and post processing as one widget?  Or can they be separated with their own distinct goals?  

    If overall success is tied to both.  You might consider looking at creating a process that links the two groups together and focus on the overall SLA and establish business workflow that ensures that the pre processing step has enough checks in place that they get their work done in time to get things to post processing. You can have automations in place to add tags to tickets as you are missing key milestones in the pre processing portion to understand a percentage of the overall work that isn't being done.  Have your reports tell you how many tickets ended up with the tag to help you understand how many tickets got a bit too delayed to be comfortable. 

    If each part of the process is important, you could split the work into two tickets and let each team have their own SLAs and their own workflows.

    I don't know that I have a solution for both. I'd love to hear some other perspectives though.

  • Andrew Schreiner

    If you don't mind some customization, you could achieve this using triggers and custom fields so you could keep your one ticket for the whole picture sla, then use custom fields (text fields) to store the datetime stamps of the transfer to the other team and its corresponding sla's by using rules specified in the triggers. You can call a PUT command to an extension method to update the ticket when your conditions are met to set the fields with the datetime field being pulled via markdown.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Shane,

    As Dan mentioned, this is an excellent question!

    I'm going to get this added to our monthly Community Roundup article to help provide visibility to other users.



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