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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding the dashboard experience. Have you tried using the keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between chats in the dashboard?

    This is one thing we have seen with customers in terms of getting their agents more efficient. You can learn more about the Chat shortcuts here:

    We actually explored the ability to chat with multiple windows side by side two years ago, here is the design (if you are curious):

    One problem with this design that we discovered during interviews and agent shadowing is that the loss of not seeing visitor info/visitor path/chat apps is more detrimental to them providing good customer support over the ability to have multiple chats open side by side. Also, with the ability to send structured messages and attachments agents preferred having more space for a larger chat log to better read that content. 

    These learnings are being applied to our new omni-channel agent experience that is being built now, but it will not support having multiple chats open side by side. 

    Hope that helps and provides clarity on why we decided to not go down that route after experimenting with the design and testing it with a group of agents two years ago.




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