Tailoring Guide for different types of end users


  • Simon Celen

    Hi Flore,

    It depends a bit on the Guide plan you are using.

    If you are on Guide Enterprise then separate Guides can easily be achieved through a multibrand setup. This gets you total separation in terms of Guide look&feel (theme) as well as content.

    If you're on Guide Professional then you can always restrict content to either end-user type through user segments. You can define these user segments on end-users that have a certain tag or belong to a certain organisation. Keep in mind that this requires end-users to be logged in and them to be tagged manually or assigned to an organisation.

    In this case you can also differentiate the look&feel between both end-user types by customizing your theme. In short, it involves using a URL variable and picking up on it in your theme. You could f.e. direct "provider" end-users to https://your.account.com/hc/en-us?type=provider and "receivers" to https://your.account.com/hc/en-us?type=receiver . This "type" variable can be detected with Javascript, which in turn can set a body class that allows you to target each type of end-user with CSS.

    Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions. Thanks

  • Ellie

    Hi Simon,

    With the Guide Enterprise and multibrand setup, is it possible to have some articles that are communal/central to both Help Centres so that we can avoid having to update things in multiple places?

    We are wanting to build a new help centre for a different user segment. We want much of the content on this new help centre to be the same as our existing help centre, however we will have a few other specific articles that we will create to be specific to this additional help centre. We would also like the additional help centre to have a different theme and brand so that it looks different to our other help centre. Is this possible to have the same categories or sections to appear in different branded help centre?

    We would then want all tickets that are submitted through this help centre to be available to all agents and submitted through to the one Support email account. Is this possible also?


  • Simon Celen
    Community Moderator

    Hi Ellie,

    Unfortunately articles cannot be shared between brands. 

    If only a few articles need to be shared and there are only a few brands then manually copy/pasting them would be your best bet.

    If many articles need to be shared then I would instead use a single brand. You can use a URL variable as mentioned in the original post to customise your content and UI. Note that this approach can get complex if the brand-specific content is spread out over all categories, or if the brand-specific UI needs to be completely different.

    Tickets would all be located in the same Support account whether you're taking the multibrand or single brand approach.

    Hope that helps




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