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  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    I agree here, as you start working with businesses that have smaller portions of their organization and those subparts interconnect, organizations at a flat level aren't that useful.  It would be great to be able to have the option to have organizational hierarchy for the workflows where it makes sense like the one that Kris describes above. 

    In addition, we have a similar use case where we have customers that have multiple organizations that want to submit and share tickets but do not want other parts of their organization to see those tickets.  They have various teams within their organization but we need a way to see that they are all correlated together.  Ideally, we'd be able to have some sort of parent hierarchy that can link these together and a method to easily incorporate users into these organizations (potentially even managed by an end user within that organization).

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    In fact, what you're looking for is multi-level organizations.

    I think that this would make life easier for lots of customers, however, it also seems that Zendesk has some pretty firm principles when it comes to complexity: They try to forego it by not allowing it.

    This is also true for the trigger and automation implementation - there's no such thing as multi-level logic (nested full logic constructs like if then elsif else, case, ...), it's just if - then, no nesting. The only concession is the if (a and b and c and (d or e or f)) then .. that the "all of these conditions and any of these other conditions" represent.

    What I could see as an option with current Zendesk capabilities would be to have (Zendesk) Organizations represent your branches - the leaves of your organizational tree(s). Then, organize those leaves using tags on the Organizations. Whether you structure the tags by level (1-company, 2-area, 3-department, 4-team) or path (company_area_department_team) or both is up to you and your use cases. An API program or two might help with updating the tags as required.

    I know, this stifles the organization - e-mail domain(s) association, but that's the price to pay.

    Alternatively, you could use the same kind of tags on end users, since you are apparently searching a way of associating people with some site/department/store/...

    Whenever they open a ticket, the tags are transferred onto the ticket, and you have your selection tree. 

    It's not a no brainer, and it's not without effort, but I think you could pull that off.

    Yours truly



  • Kris wolton

    The way that Zendesk deals with organisations & sites is shocking to honest. The fact there is not a built in facility for 'sites' is a bit short-sighted in my opinion. I am surprised more people have not made noises about this. The current setup is fine for retail customers with individuals, but it's rubbish for MSP's where things are organised by organisations / sites. Organisations should be the focus of the call. We look after over 1500 end users over 50 or so organisations / sites. We need to be able to easily differentiate between sites.

  • Kris wolton

    I am hoping more people will see this and vote it up. There must be more MSP's out there that agree ZenDesk is focused more for end users than organisations. We seem to be so limited on what we can do. Not being able to sort users by branch offices/locations is a real pain for us.

  • Kris wolton

    Hi Peter,


    I really don't think it would add much complexity to the product, in fact it would probably make it a easier to use.

    We have had engineers turn up to the wrong site as Zendesk is not capable (despite opening several calls with them) of logging the location of the user with the ticket. All it would take would be an extra box on the 'add user' screen to select an organisation/location/office location. I think this would benefit sooo many customers, i'm just shocked they don't already do it. They could add a tick box in settings 'use organisation options when adding a new user' to ensure it is not made anymore complex for the existing users.

    I have tried bodging it by adding drop downs to the user part, but that just doesn't work as you cannot use intelligent drop downs that filter results based on the results of the drop down above.

  • Kris wolton


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