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  • Dan Cooper
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    Hi Amber, 

    The challenge with SLAs and Triggers is that SLA Policies process after all of your triggers fire.  This means that if you were to tag something with a trigger - you could do so before an SLA policy applied and accidentally categorize a ticket as not having an SLA when it actually did. 

    If you are looking to create a report, you can check into the metric for # SLA Tickets.  This will show you the number of tickets that have an SLA.  Compare that to the total number of tickets and the difference will tell you which tickets did not have an associated policy.  It's been a while since I dug into Insights, and I haven't worked much in Explore - but this metric was really useful for me in determining the overall number of applicable tickets in SLA calculations for me.

    You can also try working with Views to try to isolate the tickets you are looking for with the same conditions you are seeing in the Automations.  You may find that a view with those SLA ALL conditions can be worked to show you the tickets you are looking for.

  • Devan
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