Numeric fields in Explore not only as metric, also for rows and columns


  • Kent Southerland

    Same issue, we have location numbers, this is very frustrating to have to rework an XLS every time to get the location number the first column.

  • Florian W.

    Dear Kent,

    meanwhile I found a nice workaround.

    Here's my example.
    I have numeric customer no. field:

    In explore it's available as metric only.

    Now I create a new "Standard calculated attribute":

    Give it a name and type the following formula:

    value(name of the metric)


    After saving this new attribute it's available for rows & columns:


  • David Stevenson

    Thanks to Florian for this workaround!

  • Dee Quilliams

    Yes! Thank you, Florian! Just what I was looking for. :)


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