Not able to call Custom fields in request


  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Hey Naga,

    I was discussing this with Trapta, a fellow moderator in the Zendesk community. 

    In order to get custom fields on the requests_page (as opposed to the request_page, which can show fields configured to be visible/editable to end users) requires an authenticated API call in your Javascript. That means your Zendesk credentials in your Javascript, which would be visible for pretty much anyone who can open Console to view them. This would be a Bad Thing

    It would also make the page load slower, as every time the page is loaded, it will refetch the data from Zendesk. 

    Unfortunately, there isn't a great solution to this request that doesn't involve storing credentials client-side. I would suggest you post a feature request in the Feedback section of the forums for the Guide Channel.


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