Is the Guide still under development / improvement?



  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Joakim - 

    Yes. the Guide product continues to be under development, and will be for the foreseeable future. 

    There are a couple of ways to see what's coming and keep up to date:

    The best way to see what's in development is to follow the current and upcoming betas and early access programs article. There are currently two EAPs for Guide: a Theming API and a GitHub Integration for Guide Themes. Theme customization is something that is high priority for a lot of users, so that's an area of focus at the moment. Active EAPs can also be viewed on the EAPs tab on the Community home page: 


    The other spot to follow is the Announcements section in the knowledge base. This is where we share when a new feature, functionality, or product has launched. 

    Finally, to see what feature requests from the community have been completed, you can check out the completed feature requests topic in the community. 

    I know that with the number of feedback requests currently live in the community, it can seem like nothing is happening. The reality is that we get thousands of unique requests every month, but can only build a handful every quarter. We also have to balance requests for improvements to existing tools with the business requirement to continue innovating and building new and better tools. 

    Another factor is that most of the feedback we receive in the community is for individual features, while our product development teams usually work on broader projects that encompass many feature requests all at once. To take the example you've presented, users may ask for code blocks, but that request may be held onto until it can be grouped with other editor improvements as part of a broader project on the WSYWIG editor improvements, which would solve for that request as well as several others on the editor. 

    Finally, as stated in our Product Feedback Guidelines, we don't regularly share roadmap information in the community. So you may not see information on whether or not a particular feature is being worked on until it's in the final stages of development, which can make it seem like nothing is happening at all until suddenly it's in EAP or released. Our community is a public forum, and there are both legal and competitive reasons that we can't share the details of what we're developing. We do try to give updates where we can, but always with the caveat that timelines may change without notice and none of them are a commitment or guarantee. 

    I hope that helps, and do let us know if you have any additional questions. 


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