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  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    On the user fields, you could have user fields that are unique for each line of business that don’t cross over. These may be duplicates as far as what they include, but you could name them in a way that they indicate that one is for broadband and the other for mobile.

    As for tickets, you could use brands to separate the lines of business. This would make sense if you had an external help site for each line of business. Or you could use organizations to indicate the customer type. If you did use organizations, you’d lose a lot of other functionality for groups of customers that do make sense in organizations of their own, but it would give a customer an option to choose broadband or mobile as an organization type when submitting tickets in zendesk to associate their tickets correctly. Alternatively you could look at forms and fields as a way to flag tickets towards one line of business over another.

    There are also the new Zendesk Sunshine Profiles you could look into to link profiles from an external system into Zendesk to allow those to be your source of truth for some of that data. It’s still in early access but may be worth looking into.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Mark,

    I believe this may depend based on how your users contact you for support, whether you have the same team or different teams assisting them, etc.  I think it would make sense to go with one of these: 

    Mutlibrand - This would essentially give your users a sense of working with 2 different companies. Different Knowledge Bases (customer-facing website) but same backend CRM.  Some healthy discussion points are here:

    Multiple instances: Scoping guidance on whether to separate the services entirely can be found here:

    End user fields: If you want something simple, I believe leveraging User tags could be helpful in this case and separate the type of ticket by a custom "Category" field and/or Agent Groups that get assigned the tickets based on how the customer contacted you.  I'd add custom End User Fields to the User Profiles and come up with a process to keep the info updated.  For example, I'd have drop downs for each service you offer and a Yes/No. Cell Phone: Yes/ No.  Broadband: Yes/No.  Based on this, you would be able to interact with your End User intelligently, knowing just by accessing their profile, which services they consume from you and perhaps offer them incentives to pick up additional services. Here's a great article about how to leverage this:

    Adding users to different Organizations: Also a simpler approach than Multibrand or Mutliple Instances... Set up the Organization by Service (Broadband, Cell Phones) and then add your user(s) to one or more Organizations based on the services they consume.  This way you can see at a glance all users in the Broadband Organization and send out a communication to them.  You would select which organization (service) you are assisting them with on a ticket by ticket basis.  Organizations, however, has a "default" component so this one would require your agents to be diligent about selecting correctly every time.  Tickets can be edited until they go from Solved->Closed. Closed state is uneditable.

    Also, check out the User Lists add-on which would be helpful for your separate communications, etc.

    I think it might be worthwhile to talk with at least one admin -- maybe your AE can assist? Or possibly you'd consider coming to a Zendesk Roadshow or Zendesk Relate? You'd be surrounded by people you could talk this over with!  


    Hopefully some of this is helpful.  




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