Looking to overhaul my FAQ's and other aspects of my website with ZD HelpCenter


  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hey Greg -

    We have lots of experts who are well-versed in Guide theme customizations here in the community, I'm sure they can offer some assistance, guidance, and ideas. Do you have some specific questions they can assist you with or specific things you're trying to accomplish?

  • Greg Sanchez
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    Hey Nicole! Thank you for reaching out! I am trying to first figure out how I would integrate the Help Center onto our website. While I speak fluent Zendesk from a CX standpoint, the behind the scenes I am not great at. I would first need to know how or be show to convert our FAQs into the Help Center and making it live on our site. 

    This would be the goal:


    • HELP CENTER > This becomes the ZenDesk PlugIn
      • Search your product
      • Product Specific Help
        • How to Set Up
        • FAQs - Zendesk
        • User Manual
        • Product Care
        • App Information
        • How-To Videos
      • Other Help & Resources
        • Troubleshooting Forum
        • Warranty
        • Returns
        • Contact Us

    I would like all of that to be input into Zendesk HelpCenter and then have it reflect on our website.


    Just don't know how/where to start!


    Thank you so much!

  • Trapta
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    Hi Greg Sanchez,

    You might want to take a look at Zendesk Embeddables. I think this will fulfill the requirement you are looking for. Let me know if this helps you.


    Team Diziana

  • Simon Celen
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    Hi Greg,

    What you need I would do in three phases:

    1. get your FAQs into Help Center. Manually copy/pasting if it's not too many articles. Otherwise it's best to automate it through custom coding and leveraging the Zendesk API.
    2. making your Help Center look like an integral part of your website and customizing the Help Center layout to fit your content structure.
    3. once your Help Center is ready you can update your website, replacing links from the old FAQ to Help Center.


    Obviously this is pretty broad stroke and high-level at this point. I'm available to help scope this out further into a project if needed.




  • Greg Sanchez
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    Thank you so much! Will look into that asap! Much appreciated!


    @simon Celen


    Much appreciated as well! I will attempt to follow and see what I can do. Complete transparency, I was hired about a week and a half ago to be the CXM and I am trying to revamp the old way to the new age (with the complete support of my new colleagues and COO). I appreciate the help, thank you so much!


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