• Vincent Dollet
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    Hi Tobias, sharing a specific tab is currently not on the short-term roadmap. Would you be able to share the key use cases for which that would come in handy?

  • Tobias Hermanns
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    Hi Vincent,


    more or less we want combine that with Bookmark feature.


    Our structure right now is a bit like that.

    We´re working in whole Europe and we´ve one Dashboard for our main statistic.

    The setup is like:

    Overview Tab - SLA Tab - CSAT Tab - Product Tab .. ..

    All these tabs have Metrics like: 

    - Ticket Region (CEE; DACH, RUSC...)

    If we filter for i.e. "DACH" Region, we create a bookmark.

    This we want to schedule send to "Sales Light Agents in DACH Region".

    Without splitting it into different Dashboards.


    That´s the idea, may you´ve better ideas on hand :)


    Kind Regards,


  • Elaine Foster-Jones
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    I also would like to see the ability to send individual tabs rather than the entire dashboard. This feature was available in Insights/GoodData but is not currently available in Explore, so clearly Zendesk at some point saw the necessity for clients to use it.

    We have SLA reports that we send out to a few of our clients on a monthly basis. We also like to track the results on a quarterly basis, but the quarterly data is for internal use only. Each client has a different brand, as well.

    We would like to be able to have a dashboard per brand/client, and within that dashboard have various tabs for data we want to track, including these SLA reports. We specifically would like to have one tab show the Monthly data and one tab show the Quarterly data.

    We then would like to share the Monthly tab with the client without giving them any additional visibility of the Quarterly tab, or any other tabs we may have in that brand's dashboard.

    Currently we just have to have a fully separate dashboard for the Monthly reports.

  • Vincent Dollet
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    Thank you Tobias and Elaine for the additional information!

    • Being able to schedule a dashboard snapshot based on a specific bookmark is "on the radar". I see great value to reduce the number of dashboards you need to setup. We are looking into dashboard management optimizations - and that would fall under that umbrella. We'll get back to you as soon as we have more info on the topic
    • I note your desire to schedule a dashboard snapshot with only select tabs + share a live link with only select tabs. I do understand the rationale. To assess priority, let's see how popular this particular topic becomes

    Many thanks


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