Set filters on Scheduled Dashboards


  • Christopher Rome

    Yes, this is a feature we need. On insights, with one dashboard, we are able to schedule a delivery for the current set of filters which include agent groups, different time frames, and different organizations. Our use case is that each organization needs the same dashboard, but they should only be getting their information. What makes it easy for our managers for scheduled pre-filtered dashboards is that the image/pdf is already generated and in their email to download and attach to a report. It also serves as a reminder for them to attach the dashboard to their report. 

  • Sarah Ichord

    We also need this feature - as we have some fields that we filter that are specific to certain teams that we'd like to set those filters and schedule it to send to that team without them having to make changes to the dashboard. It is currently functioning in insights that I'd like to see in Explore.

    Also, another use case is some of our clients actually request reports every month/week - so we have these scheduled to send and forward along to them! So we need that functionality. 

  • David K

    This one should be obvious!


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