(No) customisation of the dashboard (after seven years of trying)...


  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Gary, 

    Thanks for expressing your thoughts. To clarify, the product team's reasoning behind not implementing customization at this point in time isn't about a lack of requests from users. They're very much aware of the request, understand the use-cases, and do not disagree with the desire for this functionality. However, sometimes even things a lot of users want just aren't feasible for the team to accomplish within a certain time frame. 

    As I understand it the issue is that giving users the ability to customize their dashboards is technically very difficult to enable, and not something that is easily accomplished with the way the core product is coded. It requires not only determining which elements should be modifiable and how, building a user-friendly way to manipulate these things, accounting for the ways in which that impacts workflows and interacts with the other elements of improvements to the agent interface that are already being built, but also reworking the core product. 

    This requires a great deal of resources from research to development, and every time it's been considered it's been weighed against the other things we've got planned or in the works, and has been determined that it would derail too many other valuable projects to take on. So, the product team has said "hopefully in the future" and just let the feedback thread keep rolling. 

    We've received a lot of feedback from users that it's a bad user experience when we allow feedback threads to linger on indefinitely. In the past, product teams wouldn't shut anything down that they "might do someday." The result of this has been dozens of threads that are many years old that have never been dealt with. At that point, the product has changed since the original request and it may no longer make sense, or there are so many different requests in a thread that product managers can't act on or respond to the feedback in an effective way. 

    So, we've been working on improving the way the feedback topics are managed, both to create a better experience for our users as well as to get more actionable feedback for our product managers. Currently, we are going through many of those old conversations, and if they're not going to be acted on in the next 12 months, letting users know and closing them out. As new threads are started, they will be escalated to the product team at the point that they receive 20 votes. If a thread goes inactive for 6+ months, it is archived. These processes help us to manage the forum, prioritize the most active requests for product managers, and get their thoughts on things more quickly so that we can respond back to you. 

    We will reopen or start new conversations if and when any of these known requests can be considered, and users can still vote. We've generally found that users would rather get a "not at this time" answer than no response at all. While we really do wish we could do everything our users ask for, we have to balance investing our development resources between user requests to improve the current product and innovations that will create what the future of our tools will be to help our customers stay ahead of the curve. 

    And all of that said, the product team did indicate that customization is something they would still like to enable at some point. They just do not expect to be able to build this functionality in the next year. But that, like any roadmap details we share in the community, is always subject to change, and we will re-engage with users for additional feedback on this functionality if and when it goes into a research and discovery phase. 



  • Benjamin Moles

    It is hard to believe that this feature has not been prioritised in 7 years, considering the number of people that are requesting it.


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