Creating a seperate support queue



  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Hello Charles, This is a fairly normal setup.  Create a new Group for the agents involved.  Then create views as required. You can forward your own email in to the support address, and add the support email you are using to the Zendesk support emails. 

    You would duplicate and modify triggers to suit, or create new ones. 

    I guess basically, create the group and set up the basics, then if you get stuck, come back with specific questions. :)

  • Charles Yaako

    HI Andrew,

    Thank you for your assistance. There has been a few changes to initial request for a separate queue. We now need 2 separate queues created. The first queue will have  just a single email feeding into it. While the 2nd queue will have 5 different emails (representing five regions - Australia, NZ, UK, US and EU) feeding into it but we want to be able to tell which region it has been sent from without having to open to read the ticket. Would you have any documentation on creating these queues?


    Thank you,



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