Permission Sets for Article Verification



    I agree! We encourage our staff to contribute to the help center. As a consequence, more and more authors get these confusing emails. It creates unnecessary work for the help center manager. I'd love to see a more robust permissions model implemented!

  • Paul LaBarbera

    This is very important to our organization too. Creating a bottleneck around publishing is important for reasons that have nothing to do with article verification.

    In a typical software company, Product Owners/Managers are SMEs should be able to verify an article is technically correct. But, PM/PO should not be managing an entire ZD knowledge base (that's the Documentation team's role).

    Can we please have a unique permission to let users (that are not Help Center Managers) verify articles.  You already have the article "owner" and "author" fields. You can tie verification rights to the owner field and solve a massive headache that ZD presents for my company.




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