Revert to last published state - "unpublished changes in editor"


  • Ashwin P.

    Please add this feature. I rearranged the widgets and now have to spend hours manually recentering things because there's no simple "discard" feature.

  • Owen Greenberg

    +1. Undo broke my filter boxes to somehow render as entirely transparent and I can't just discard my changes... now I have to throw out the filters I put in and put them back one by one from scratch. I was very surprised to find that there was no "discard changes" or "close without saving" option!

    I also want to point out that this is inconsistent with query behavior: if you exit out from the query editor without saving, it asks you if you want to discard your changes or save. If you exit out from a dashboard, it keeps all unpublished changes without user input.

  • Madeleine Cordrey-Jones

    My colleagues built a report and I had a play around in it just seeing what Explore could do. I didn't save my changes. Little did I know they were auto-saving. Now that I actually need to edit the report I'm unable to because every time I try to it says there are unpublished changes in the editor and I don't want to publish whatever I mucked around with when I was just testing functionality.

    Agree with what someone argued above that this seems more like a bug than a feature request.

  • Paul Seifert

    Please add this feature.

  • Zach Hanes

    The lack of this is causing us lots of frustration and wasted work. 

  • Jennifer Landy

    I agree with the above, this is extremely frustrating. It's been over a year. Any update on this feature? I waste more time trying to "fix" a change I made, that didn't work as intended. Please move this feature to the top of your Product Roadmap... If there is a "workaround", I would appreciate if someone could share. TIA!

  • Marisol Ares Barrera

    This seems to be a pretty critical feature as the "unpublished changes in editor" seems to appear even if you haven't made any changes but just gone in to check something. It makes me worry that I've changed something by mistake but I know I'll just have to go ahead an publish regardless as there is no choice...

  • Harold

    Agree to all above and I appreciate the difficulty of adding versioning or detailed undo. But 'revert to published version' should not be extremely hard and would help a bunch of us

  • John Tieu


    This is a rather frustrating experience when testing changes on any dashboard.

  • iialexusman

    I found this very frustrating as well. IMO this should be prioritized as a bug fix rather than a new feature request. Not being able to edit the current version of a dashboard can be pretty crippling if someone has been testing things.

  • William Flaugher

    Adding more support for this request. Very surprising that the system can recognize the current version of a dashboard and recognize un-published changes, but can't discard them.

    Every file/query/dashboard-editing solution I've used has had this ability, so it's shocking to see that Zendesk is treating it as a "feature" to be prioritized at some point in the future rather than a base-line necessity to be corrected as soon as possible.

  • Tom Bulis

    This needs to be addressed ASAP.  I see it has been over a year since first reported.  Roadmap?  How about a timeline?  

  • Chad Susa

    +1 Definitely a bug not feature. Lost a lot of time because of this. I guess Zendesk customers' time isn't as valuable as the Zendesk Devs ;)

  • Mandy Major

    Is there any update to this feature?  I clicked the "auto-arrange" button and have about 3 hours of work waiting for me if I were to publish these changes :( Hoping Zendesk can delete from backend or something

  • Duggan Everage

    +1 Hello - Are there any updates to this or any sort of ETA?


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