First Response Time Inaccuracies


  • Victor Ivaniv

    Hi Catriona,

    You should be able to filter out agent-created tickets from First Response Time by Ticket Submitter attribute. This, however, is not really a convenient way as Ticket Submitter's values are actual user accounts and you'll have to checkmark every single agent from the whole list of user accounts as they are not grouped by roles for this attribute. Additionally, this will mean that agent-created tickets are not taken into account, which is not OK (still, that's the way we're currently doing it).

    The other way around is creating specific metrics that would return FRT for end user-created tickets and agent-created tickets separately and combine these metrics into single metric that calculates average for both, where FRT for agent-created tickets is the time between first customer response and the next agent reply. Unfortunately, I'm not good enough yet to create such metrics (and not sure if such metrics are possible at this point) and show you an example. Lets hope a wandering Explore or GoodData adept will come over this article to give us a hand.

    UPD: in case you are using Explore - it does actually have Submitter Role filter


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