What is the recommended solution for setting up Guide when you have multiple products? For example we have a V2, V3 and V4 version of our hardware.



  • Amy Gracer
    Community Moderator

    Furthermore, if you want to limit which products your customers see base on which products they have purchased, you can use User Segments

    You could have all users see more general information, and then users on V1 see V1only info, V2 see V2 and so on.


  • Jeremy Robinson

    Shot Scope Support

    If you are not looking for the multiple-brand capabilities in Zendesk, there's a few ways you could deliver up this information and accessibility while maintaining a clean look and feel for your end users.

    If you do not have Zendesk Enterprise for your Guide, you could utilize categories and sections to separate the different versions to their own funnel, it could look something like the below for how it looks and feels at the Category level:

    If you have multiple hardware products beyond what's referenced in your initial question that has multiple versions, you might be better suited for subsections if you are on Zendesk Enterprise for Guide. This would allow each Zendesk Category to be the Product(s) you offer, and then selecting a product would take you to the subsections where you could break out the information by versions a little more cleanly.

    If you're looking to something different, let us know. 

  • Shot Scope Support

    Thanks for your answers. They both look like good solutions. I will look into them, we do have limited technical resources as a barrier.

    Would setting up a brand for each of the versions be a good idea or not the best practice? This was something we were thinking about but were concerned that this would result in a separate community for each brand. Is there a way to have multiple brands but only one community?

  • Amy Gracer
    Community Moderator

    I am currently not using brands. It looks like your help center will have a separate community for each brand, but search across brands, so it will search across communities. All end users belong to all Help Centers

    Maybe check Zendesk and see if that will work for you?

    I'd also check into the ticketing aspect of brands in your evaluation. Each agent must be assigned a default brand.




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