Triggers - notify requester but not agents



  • Thomas Verschoren
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    You can do this by adding a single rule to your trigger that send out email. (

    It should be added to the ALL rules

    Current User IS End User.

    This makes it so that, if the current user (the user that creates the ticket) is an agent, the trigger is not valid and won’t run.

    So your trigger should be similar to this:

    When ALL of these conditions are met:

    • Ticket | Is | Created: An end-user or agent submits a request, which has created a new ticket.


    • Status | Is not | Solved: When created, the new ticket has one of the following statuses applied to it: New, Open, Pending, or On-hold.


    • Privacy | Is | Ticket has public comments: The ticket has public comments.


    • Comment | Is | Public: The ticket has public comments.


    • Current user | Is | (end-user): The user that last updated the ticket is anyone who is a registered user, but not an agent or an administrator.

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