Explore reporting on light agent ticket submissions


  • Hillary Latham
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    Hey Michael, 

    I think you probably have most of what you can do without modifying the workflow so you can report on it.  Explore doesn't have an attribute for Light Agents.  If the ticket is forwarded by a light agent, it should have the following values:

    This still wouldn't separate Agents from Light agents though.  Other than filtering by specific submitter (you can save that list as a custom attribute, FYI, so you don't have to keep checking the same list of people with each query), my only thought it to build a workflow that tags these tickets so you can report on them (tag the ticket with a trigger or tag those submitters you want to track and report on the submitter tag).

  • Michael M
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    That's kind of what I gathered.  Thank you for the tip on creating a custom attribute, that has been very helpful! 


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