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  • phil

    Egoriy Chabrovskiy did you get anywhere with this? We are in the same situation.

  • Reshma Patel

    This is definitely a big need for us. Are there any plans to have apis for custom metrics and elements available in explore so we can export this information into enterprise dashboards? There are custom metrics we will need to create but if there is no way to export that metric or data to an enterprise dashboard, we will have to start pulling and storing all the info into ticket fields in order to send that info elsewhere. 

  • Renars Vilnis

    Would be great if we could build queries up inside of zendesk and using an API get the results to create a custom dashboard display on a different corp website.

    Having to build and maintain a tool that downloads all the data and then would be able to do queries against seems like an overkill

  • Daniel Stefan

    We need the same thing. We applied for an EAP to share the Dashboard externally, but it's pretty rudimentary, you simply make an entire Dashboard accessible to the public. If you want to integrate that into an internal website, that's not really helpful.


    FYI in case it helps anyone around here:


  • Tyler Conlee

    +1 to this idea. Being able to query and request our dashboards via API would allow us to combine information from multiple sources, which is vital to compiling the entire picture of our team's performance. 

  • Rob Hood

    +1 here too.  Definitely needed!!

  • Oleg Balakirev

    Any news about this feature?

  • Slava Skorbezh

    APIs for Explorer would be really helpful

  • Oren Werker

    API for Explorer are vital for us.

    We currently programmatically a fair bit from Insights-

    1) Populate agent's time sheets

    2) report on agent utilisation in Power BI

    3) Report on time consumption to our customers via BrightGague


    The main theme is the reporting on time information which, traditionally only available from Gooddata/Insights.

    If Insights is retired before these features are available, it will be a massive breaking change for us.


    Not looking for full feature parity with Insights (yet?) but something that allows us to programmatically consume curated reports is critical

  • Emile Cohen

    Hi everyone,

    I am quite astonished that this post did not receive any answer from Zendesk Support team ... the topic has been opened almost one year ago. 

    I am in the same situation and an answer even negative would be appreciable.

    Hoping we'll get something out of this post...

  • Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone!
    Sorry for the delay in answering this post.

    We are working on making Explore dashboards embeddable. This is to empower enterprise customers to combine information from multiple sources and to consume dashboards outside of Explore.

    We aim at shipping it in the first half of 2021.
    I'll keep you posted on the progress.

    Thanks for your patience,

  • Oren Werker

    Thank you, Walter for the update.


    For our usage (and from the comments here for others as well), embeddable dashboards will simply not be enough.

    Apart from being able to shape data for different needs, the biggest issue is that only through Insights/GoodData can we properly expose time usage patterns (by date/customer/agent/ticket type etc) then consume those patterns in external systems.

    In my eyes, embeddable dashboards are a Professional level solution, not Enterprise.

    To maintain what we currently have out of the box, we will be forced to trawl through the audits table, track ticket time changes, import them into somewhere else then shape them in useful patterns. Effectively, we'll be forced to build a parallel EDW for data that already exists in Zendesk (and available via Insights).

    In addition, even if embeddable dashboard were a solution, your expected ETA is *after* Insights is retired. What do you expect your enterprise customers to do in the mean time?

    Can Insights stay up until some feature parity is achieved in the backend?

    I am happy to take this offline with any of your crew to show you how we use the Insights API in ways that cannot be achieved without similar endpoints in Explorer.


  • phil

    What Oren said 👆

    Embedding a report is a Professional level thing. Enterprise needs an API to integrate fully into other systems.

  • Falko Sieverding

    I can only stress, that embedding explore dashboards is not a solution.

    My company needs access to Zendesk Explore via API.

    A PowerBI connector would be a plus!

  • Administrador do Zendesk

    We need access to Explorer APIs to get query results.

    Embeddable dashboards is NOT a solution.

    We need access to OUR DATA.

  • Cory Waddingham

    Adding another +1 to this one, being able to access the Explore data from other applications is must for us. Not having that is impeding our use of the platform. 

  • Gary Yeung

    Must say being able to get our data out from explore, either thru API, data pipeline or other mechanism is a better solution than a embeddable dashboard please.

  • Chad Thomas

    Hey all, agreed on this being a definite need.  We've just finished pulling a few metrics via the Support API into Databox, and it's a lot of work to get the data into a format for dashboards.

    A potential workaround here is running the Explore data into Parabola, using the scheduled reports delivering in CSV format.  In parabola the data can be organized/combined etc however you want, and sent out to your Dashboard's API.

    I'll give it a try and post back here with results.


  • Patrick Crane

    @Walter Bellante 

    We are working on making Explore dashboards embeddable. This is to empower enterprise customers to combine information from multiple sources and to consume dashboards outside of Explore.

    We aim at shipping it in the first half of 2021.

    Has there been any progress on the work to embed explore dashboards? Maybe an ETA to activation? 

    While I agree with all the requests for APIs, embeddable dashboards would be a perfect solution for one of my clients.

  • Stephen F

    Hi Walter Bellante,

    Is there any updates on embeddable dashboards coming in the future?

    I would also echo the sentiment on this thread, that having an Explore API would be amazing - being able to query and pull data directly from Queries would be extremely useful.

    On the other side of this (and perhaps this belongs in it's own thread), it would be great to see integrations or methods of pulling data from external sources into Explore - for example, that might be pulling in a dashboard from Datadog or pulling information from Jira.


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