Restrict tickets visibility to group (regardless if you're a ZD agent or not)


  • Susan Maher

    I can see reasons why an agent can read internal notes for tickets that are not in their group.  It will depend on how an organization works.  However, I agree that we should have this as an option in the Agent Role.  I can think of other options that should also be added to the role similar to this one such as having ticket forms that are not visible to agents but are visible to Task Leaders and Admins. 

  • Matt McLean
    Community Moderator

    Zendesk currently has an (invite-only) Early Access Program for exactly this sort of scenario:

    Zendesk Support EAP - Agent-as-End-User (AEU)
    This beta feature provides a solution for internal use cases where an Agent should be treated as an end-user with regard to a specific ticket. E.g., an Agent submits a request to the HR department on her own behalf. As this is an early, incomplete solution, please make sure you understand the gaps before you request access to the beta.

    Unfortunately there is no timeline for when this feature will be generally available, but they have been working on it for a while. Also, the link above probably won't work unless you've been invited, which is why I quoted the italicized text above.

    As a workaround, you could look into setting up HR with their own ZD instance as ZD support already mentioned, or if you have an HR management system of some sort, you could see if that tool has its own ticket/request functionality.

  • mis

    Thanks for the response, Matt!. Having this functionality in early access is promising (+1), but with no release date nor an end in sight, it is disheartening (-100). How can we get more traction under this issue to move this to an actual release this year? Again, this seems like basic functionality that should've been there a long time ago.

  • I would also like to see more ways to restrict agent views into tickets without creating multiple instances.


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