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  • Matt McLean
    Community Moderator

    This seems to work for me.
    First, I made a copy of the attribute "Full Resolution Time Brackets" (the one that normally shows " 0-5 hrs", " 5-24 hrs", "1-7 days", "7-30 days", ">30 days", or "Unsolved")

    Then I modified my copied version to split at 5 days instead of all the different brackets above.

    IF (VALUE(Full resolution time (min)) <= 60*24*5) 
    THEN " 0-5 days"
    ELIF (VALUE(Full resolution time (min)) > 60*24*5)
    THEN ">5 days"
    ELSE "Unsolved"

    I added it as a Filter on a very simple query, but there is no need for Ticket ID:

    The COUNT (Ticket Solved) metric takes care of the count, and for a row I chose "Assignee Name" but you could use anything else such as "Form name" or some required dropdown field's value.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. You said you wanted to count "how many ticket that have full resolution more than 5" but your formulas say "<=5" (less than or equal to 5). You would seem to be counting the opposite of what you wanted.


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