Option to send Dashboards to an single Agent



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    Vincent Dollet
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Marcel Artner, apologies for the belated reply. We introduced the possibility for you to schedule a dashboard to be sent out to individual agents earlier this year. You can now decide if a dashboard could be sent to Support groups and/or individual agents.

    In the Summer, we also intend to release the possibility to schedule dashboards to be sent out to end-users (w/o a paid seat).

  • Ifra Saqlain
    Community Moderator

    Hey Marcel,

    Please see this article,  it would be helpful for you :



    Thank You

    Team Diziana


  • Marcel Artner

    Hello Ifra,

    thanks for your fast response!


    Am i wrong or is your article only for Zendesk Insights?


    Zendesk Explore, our new analytics software, is replacing Insights. Most customers who purchased Zendesk Support after July 2018, or have been migrated to Explore don’t have access to Insights. You can find Explore in the Zendesk product tray.


    I'm using Zendesk Explore, is there also a article for the new Explore?



  • Olaf Marechal

    Hi Marcel,


    I just created a support group with a single agent in it to work around this.


    Regards, Olaf


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