[Support tip] Blacklist typo'd versions of your own domain name to prevent new typo'd users from being created


  • Karen D Snyder

    This is a great idea! I've had to remove misspelled email addresses from user profiles, for instance  the spelling user@copmany.net instead of user@company.net. Could this tip prevent a misspelled email address from showing up in a user profile?

  • Matt McLean


    I don't believe blacklisting will stop someone (an admin or the end-user themselves) from manually adding a secondary, typo'd email address, but sometimes merging a typo'd address into the "correct" end-user is a good fix for cleaning up any existing typo'd users.

    As long as the correctly-spelled email address is the primary one, it will be the only one that gets any notifications, and merging the accounts would cause all tickets that were previously associated with the typo'd account to show up in the profile of the correctly-spelled one.


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