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  • Ryan Boyer
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    In addition to Wendy's ideas, I would like to see the following reporting capabilities in Explore for Guide usage:

    • Comments on articles (number, by whom, when, yes vs. no breakdown (not just net votes))
    • Search origin (knowledge capture vs. search bar)
    • Custom/Exportable reports from the List section in Manage Articles of Guide. (Currently, we can filter based on certain criteria; however, there doesn't seem to be a way to export these lists into any CSV format for external reporting (e.g., list of all knowledge owners, list of all articles created in last three months, etc.))


  • Samuel Mosher
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    +1. It is disjointed to have to use both insights and Explore for reporting. Add in additional complexity if you are tracking instead through Google Analytics, and then have to use a 3rd party to do reporting instead to achieve single pane of glass.


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